Is your customer service brilliant or really disgusting?


Providing superlative service should be a top priority of any young organization, yet few give it the attention that it deserves, and those that do generally don’t deliver it to their new-found customers. In fact in my experience, the majority of businesses hover between providing mediocre service to downright terrible service.  Why do the words (of wanting to exceed the customer’s expectati ...


How to plan your content roadmap and boost your SEO in Vancouver


If you are looking to promote your brand using blogging, content marketing and rank above your competition on search this blog will help you plan accordingly. If you have already been producing content regularly but having a hard time figuring out how it all connects to the overall marketing of your brand, this blog will help you with insights, techniques, mindset and tactics that will guide you t ...


20 things to lookout when selecting the best SEO service in Vancouver


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How to conduct an effective SEO audit for local companies in Vancouver? A step by step guide


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3 amazing things that make entrepreneurs successful


There is a plethora of good business ideas out there being produced by many smart people.  The challenge, however, is how to make YOUR idea a successful one. The one that people salivate over. The one that captures their imagination. The one that takes their breath away.  Successful entrepreneurs understand my basic principle to stand-out in the crowd:  "Create VALUE that is RELEVANT (somethin ...


How to become an SEO expert in Vancouver? A step by step guide


Are you looking to change careers and get into digital marketing? Are you looking to expand your skill set and become a marketing consultant? Or are you trying to expand your knowledge and apply digital marketing to your own business? Where ever you are in your career path, if you are looking to gain a very high income skill and have the ability to apply it to those who are in need of this skill s ...


Ultimate guide to mastering local SEO and growing a profitable business in Vancouver


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Why your product is really not important


Organizations take products too seriously and sales are expected to flog them. They think products convey value and stress features, cool technology and price as the reasons why people should buy. The product - centric strategy is flawed  Products don't make companies or sales organizations great. In a marketplace where benchmarking and best practices are relied on as the main vehicle of innova ...


Why You Need To Increase Your Page Speed


So you’re proud of your website. The design is awesome, the graphics are great, and the content is compelling. On the surface, your website has it all. Then you try to access any of its pages, and they take forever to load.  When visitors have to wait a long time for any of your site’s pages to load, don’t expect them to wait around. In a world where just about everyone has shorter-than-usu ...


How to start your business with excellent service


If you are trying to launch your startup, you have other priorities to consider than creating a positive service experience for potential customers.Attracting interest in your idea, searching for investors and filing any required patents occupy most of your time at the get-go. Thinking about creating a customer service culture doesn't command much attention, if any at all.But it should.Wrapped ar ...