Never lose again


Toastmasters Speech competition season is upon us again! I'm not a competitive person by nature: I don't play any competitive sports, and I prefer solo activities (bicycling, hiking, reading). But ever since I started competing 3 years ago, I've always participated, and I've never lost.   Here is how I did it.   One semester years ago, when I was in college, I suddenly decided ...


Speaking Tactics


Today, Alex Ho from delivered a powerful and deep message on living an authentic life. During this presentation Alex took the audience on a journey wherein he shared his pains and challenges that held him back over the years. Alex captivated the audience describing his path to overcoming his challenges, leaving the audience inspired and touched by his emotions.So how did ...


Train. Hole. Blasting Obstacles.


I always felt like I needed to be pushed.Not a slight push on the back.Not a firm kick to the shoulders.A 8000 tonnes cargo train ramming at unstoppable speeds towards me.That might get me to go 1 inch further. Probably not even.I constantly sift through online resources on helping me get more motivation. I read from the treasure cove of internet blogs, with titles of "33 Ways on Getting Fired Up ...


How I learned web design and development while helping create BETM Projects - Part 1


I've become a master web developer now after a couple of weeks working on this project with Anthony.If someone tells you this, the person's a liar or a genius.I'm not a genius and I try not to lie that often. So I did not become a master web developer. But I learned enough to put up a decent looking website on a server. This skill is useful for anyone looking to build up an online presence.I had n ...


What we did wrong in a pitch for

We gave a presentation at our local TM club to showcase our side project called Unfortunately, our pitch was not satisfying, convincing, or even emotionally provoking to the audience, how could we improve on this. 1. We were selling features and service instead of selling the results, benefits and solutions.ANTNJINA is a platform that we created for our member to transform their ide ...


What I learned about giving a pitch


Today Anthony and I presented BETM Projects for the very first time to BETM members. We think it went horribly. But we received valuable feedback on giving a pitch. Although we thought we were relatively experienced speakers, we made the classic beginner's mistake of presenting the features of the product, rather than the benefits. The whole presentation was merely about the features of the produc ...


What I learnt in Conquering Humorous & TT Contests


This inter-active Workshop, was created to motivate us to participate in the upcoming competitin.How to develop your sense of humorHow to think, write and speak funnyHow to entertain and engageHow to speak impromptu & nail Table Topics questionsHow to excel at ContestsHow to use the Judge’s Guide & BallotCreate More Humor by Crushing Expectations" - Stefano Cossalter1. Crush Expectations -2. Sto ...


BETM Party - Dan lok : What i learned


Things i got from Dan Lok's interview:When you speak go with the intention of:Nothing to hideNothing to protectNothing to proveWhen you start a business:1. Add value2. Always go for a win -win3. Have an healthy ignorance. - Ignorance is bliss. - Be DUMB. Dont be smart. How to have a mindset for business:You are the average of the 5 people you hang out withYour environment is more powerful than yo ...