Blogging made easy - Ultimate guide to writing blogs people want to read and search engines want to rank


Are you looking to start blogging? Are you frustrated, when you write blogs, no one is reading it? You want your blogs to rank high on search engines, attract 1000's of visitors, and grow your revenue. But your blog does not even show up on any search result? What are you doing wrong? You believe you are writing great content, but the results and analytics show otherwise. If blogging frustrates yo ...


How to successfully launch an amazing career


It's kind of confusing really. You spend a number of years at school learning a subject, getting good marks and you expect to land a good job and start a rewarding career.But more often than not, it doesn't happen that way. And the problem is that school provides you with knowledge but doesn’t spend enough time teaching how to leverage it in the real world.It doesn't teach you how to compete fo ...


Marketing bundles are disgusting like dirty martinis


I love martinis but please keep them clean and uncontaminated by dirty fluids that violate the clear pristine gin and vermouth mixture. I don’t mind if you put 4 symmetrically organized olives on a skewer in it because they are gone before any real contamination can occur — I love olives but hate the juice.I feel the same way about bundling and the way it is practised in the marketing world to ...


This is what happens when an organization is the same as others


BE DiFFERENT or be dead.The implication is that if you're NOT DiFFERENT, sooner or later you will be irrelevant and you will "die".Sameness kills.The path to organizational death is predictable.Sales revenue declines because the value proposition of the organization is limp it has no distinctive substance. People stop buying because the company's offerings are no longer relevant; they no longer ...


Your startup will fail miserably unless you do one thing


Chances are, your new business venture will fail; your brilliant new idea will never see the light of day.  That's a fact. Over half of all startups don't make it beyond 5 years if they get off the ground at all.Think about it. Stew over it. Worry about it and lose sleep over it because this statistic alone should be the motivating fact that drives entrepreneurs to try and beat the odds of failu ...


Marketing made easy - Ultimate guide to making your business more marketable and profitable


Hey readers! Quick notes before we jump in.    This is a post I have been wanting to write for some time. The way I understand the word marketing, I think business, sales, entrepreneur, products and brands. For e.g. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Apple, Tesla. After running an actual business (ANTSAND), studying and applying marketing, I realized marketing is more than what meets the eye.  Who is this pos ...


5 things I did to have a winning career


How do successful people do it?  It’s not luck or serendipity. Successful people generally do not fall into a bucket of poop and consistently come out smelling like a rose; it might occur occasionally but that’s about it.People who are consistently on the top of their game and who outrun everyone else have a deliberate game plan to do it; a game plan that is focused on creating and unleashi ...


This is what happens when sales doesn’t change


Adapt or die —we have seen this consequence play out for centuries.Now it’s time for sales to pay attention.Old school traditional sales has outlived its usefulness.It no longer works.If sales is to maintain relevance in today’s world, a transformation of the way it is practiced is required. Not just incremental change, but a completely new approach.  Blowing up the old model; building a ...


7 proven ways to stay in the lead


A competitive advantage is hard enough to create; it's even more difficult to keep.It's inevitable. Once you carve out your uniqueness in the market, the "competitive hordes" see it and copy what they like.Everyone loves benchmarking the best, so once you step out and lead the pack, expect others to dissect what you've done and pick out their favourite morsel.There is no preventing this. It's one ...


39+ mental tools I use to make better decisions


Are you looking to start a company, make a drastic change in your life or are you stepping into the unknown? There are forces of nature that are there to help and guide you if you look for them. It can get scary, fearful, and very daunting. As a result, I have compiled a list of things that will guide me even in the darkest moments of life and business.   This is a list of belief that I use as a ...