12 Mindsets and behaviors required for running a lean startup


Are you struggling to get your Startup working? Are you thinking of starting your own company and not sure if you have what it takes? Or, are you looking for the next best tactic in business, that will get your startup to move to the next level?  There are many resources on how to start a business. Tactics, ideas and everything necessary to give you the perfect game plan to start the next billio ...


The simple secret to a successful career


For those of you who remember your philosophy courses, here's a syllogism which is undeniably true.Individuals who step outside the rules of compliance get noticed,People who get noticed typically have more opportunities than those who are invisible to those around and above them,Ergo if you are non- compliant with the rule system of the day, you will get more chances to succeed.An organization is ...


6 exciting ways a leader can engage every employee


ROY OSINGMuch has been written on how organizations can engage their employees more successfully and create a competitive advantage. The advice offered tends to be of a program nature: company-wide initiatives promulgated from above that all functions "down below" are expected to participate in. My 33+ years of leadership experience suggests a different way of looking at how to "hook" ever ...


2 simple reasons most new businesses fail


ROY OSINGSome say 9 out of 10 new businesses fail. Others say 50% will not make it 5 years. Ignore the precision of the numbers and you are left with the inescapable conclusion that when you start a business there is a very good chance you will fail.Why is the mortality rate so high for startups?These four explanations are typically used to explain failure.a) They don't have sufficient financial ...


How do you stay organized?


ROY OSINGSo many things to do.So many people to satisfy.So many demands on your time.So many distractions.In this milieu you can stay organized only if you START organized.These are 5 critical steps to get you going on the right track.1. Understand the objectives you've been asked to achieve. If they are vague ask for clarification. Don't assume what they mean if you are uncertain.Chasing unclea ...


Why should I do business with you?


ROY OSINGHow do you answer the question "Why should I do business with you given the number of other suppliers I have to choose from?"This is the killer question for all marketers.In today's noisy world with every organization shouting out why they should be chosen, the marketer needs to determine how to get their products, services and solutions noticed in the milieu. They need to claim a ...


Don't sweat the competition


WRITTEN BY ROY OSINGWhy is there so much talk about the competition? How to build a competitive strategy, tips for analyzing your competition, how to attain a cost leadership position against your competitors and how to out-do your competitors pervade the thinking of most business people.The underlying strategic intent is to build barriers to competitive entry; erect a massive wall to p ...


How a leader can unleash innovation in their organization


WRITTEN BY ROY OSINGPeople are taught to be cautious and to make decisions based on thorough and rigorous analysis. To get it "perfect".As a result the process tends to be long and arduous and faces numerous levels of scrutiny before a decision is finally reached. Paralysis by analysis often sets in and the momentum of the organization continues.Nothing changes.In addition, people are taug ...


13 things I learnt after doing the 10-week wim-hof method


Do you get a migraine or sinus and lose a full days’ worth of productivity? You think yoga is for old people or it is too boring to do it? You tried meditation, and think you are better off going to sleep than sitting like a fool? Or even the thought of cold showers frightens you, why would anyone do it?     Let me tell you a little about myself. I have lived with headaches like a migraine ...


8 steps to create world-class UI and UX for your startup


Have you ever started a UI project and found yourself struggling to come up with a good design?      Or you mix and match based on your intuition but the end result is just mediocre? Are you a web-designer or web-developer and want to learn UI and web design in the most effective way possible? I am not a web designer but circumstances have led me to learn the art. Today, I don’t think I hav ...