Don't sweat the competition


WRITTEN BY ROY OSINGWhy is there so much talk about the competition? How to build a competitive strategy, tips for analyzing your competition, how to attain a cost leadership position against your competitors and how to out-do your competitors pervade the thinking of most business people.The underlying strategic intent is to build barriers to competitive entry; erect a massive wall to p ...


How a leader can unleash innovation in their organization


WRITTEN BY ROY OSINGPeople are taught to be cautious and to make decisions based on thorough and rigorous analysis. To get it "perfect".As a result the process tends to be long and arduous and faces numerous levels of scrutiny before a decision is finally reached. Paralysis by analysis often sets in and the momentum of the organization continues.Nothing changes.In addition, people are taug ...


13 things I learnt after doing the 10-week wim-hof method


Do you get a migraine or sinus and lose a full days’ worth of productivity? You think yoga is for old people or it is too boring to do it? You tried meditation, and think you are better off going to sleep than sitting like a fool? Or even the thought of cold showers frightens you, why would anyone do it?     Let me tell you a little about myself. I have lived with headaches like a migraine ...


8 steps to create world-class UI and UX for your startup


Have you ever started a UI project and found yourself struggling to come up with a good design?      Or you mix and match based on your intuition but the end result is just mediocre? Are you a web-designer or web-developer and want to learn UI and web design in the most effective way possible? I am not a web designer but circumstances have led me to learn the art. Today, I don’t think I hav ...


7 ways to improve your speed of implementation for UI and UX startups


Have you ever tried starting a startup with a few peers but it just never took off? You feel starting is so painful why even try? Or you are too slow to learn and implement things? Or you suck at UI, UX, programming and everything and want to learn how to create great stuff?I will tell you what I learnt trying to start a SaaS (Software as a Service) company. Back in the day, I created this small s ...


How to grow your business beyond expectations


WRITTEN BY ROY OSINGHere's the reality. As a small business you know you are limited terms in terms of resources; undisciplined pursuit of growth will squander your time and money with little to show for your efforts. Don't go there.Here is my 8-step BE DiFFERENT process to grow your business...1. Set the context for growth by renewing your business strategy. Growth should be a function of ...


How to kill initiative in 5 easy steps


WRITTEN BY ROY OSINGI remember when I was new to the business world.I did my academic time and took a management trainee position with a major communications company in Canada.I bristled with enthusiasm as I began my career journey.I was eager to offer new ideas; new approaches to the way things were currently being done.I wanted to change things.But I soon learned that there were serious chall ...


How does a dietitian build a blogging business?


You’ve worked really hard on keeping your skills up to date. You know your skills and knowledge have value. You know you can help people. But you just can’t seem to find a way to connect with enough of those clients who could really benefit from it. Understanding and using the Client’s Journey could be the key to changing all of that. Today I’m going to look at a gre ...


Sticking to your strategy can be deadly


WRITTEN BY ROY OSINGIt is very easy to get into the relaxing position of staying the current course of your business."Things are going well, so why should we change?" is a question that is often asked by business people when proposed changes are on the table.There is a considerable temptation to continue to manage organizational affairs with the assumption that what got you here will get yo ...


Who are we?


We're turning our side project into a full time business.And we're sharing what we learn with you. There's so many business and entrepreneurial blogs out there, it's difficult to choose which ones to sign up for. Which ones would actually help us achieve our goal of 1000 key customers who love what we do? We had that same problem. Who really needs another list of 10 things to improve productivity ...