Why would a healthcare professional/executive start a blog?


WRITTEN BY BILL BROWN"Bill Brown's writing is different from any 'professional' out there. This is the first sentence in his 'About Me' page: The profession of pharmacy specifically, and the healthcare system in general, are rife with hypocrisy. He's straightforward and tells you exactly he thinks. It's refreshing, and he has years of experience in healthcare as a professional and executive to bac ...


How to do a 2016 reflection that is actually useful


I recently watched a Crowdcast from Jason Shen's "Take 2017 by the Horns" (Crowdcast is a really good software by the way, check it out if you need something for live streaming to a select audience. No affiliations with them). The most actionable takeaway was his system for doing 2016 reflection.  His system is more holistic and ties in with what you need to do this year. Yearly resolutions don't ...


The chronic disease I have. 9 ways to find your self Bullshitting PART-1


I have a confession to make. A really bad confession. It is a disease, and it is very contagious. I have been hiding it all my life, the worst part, you too might be infected by it. I recently have just reached a milestone in my age, spending the majority of my life learning, studying, working, improving myself, mastering skills. I have dealt with this disease on few occasions when life crisis hi ...


The perfect business plan for small business


Written by Roy OsingEvery small business leader is busy working IN their business; they don't necessarily spend enough time working ON their business.They are consumed by day-to-day priorities and crises and have little time and energy left to develop a strategy for their business. In addition, developing a strategic plan is often viewed as an expensive, complicated and time consuming act ...


CASE STUDY: Justin West Coaching | Learn How To Blog The Surfers Way


Co-Authored: Anthony ShivakumarIn this case study, we will be conducting an analysis of Justin West’s coaching blog: www.justinwestcoaching.com Justin is a pro surfing coach based in the Portuguese Algarve who recently reached out to us to develop a CASE STUDY, to help build his community of followers to expand Justin West Coaching’s revenue opportunities.In the pro surfing coach business, cr ...


Why Car Brands In India Need To Get Their Communication Strategies Right!


The role that the communication strategy plays for a car brand is of increasing importance in today's day and age. If you were to rewind back to 20 - 25 years ago, brands only had the option of advertising on television, placing a radio ad or a jingle or publishing a nice big advertisement in a newspaper and magazine. The internet was at a nascent stage and nobody really knew where it would go at ...


If you want to be successful, resist the urge to run with the herd


Written by Roy Osing Fuelled by the Internet and technological innovation, competition in every sector is intensifying with blazing speed.You would think that in the face of relentless competitive pressure, organizations would get more proficient at carving out a differentiated position in their market, creating a value proposition that is crystal clear and unique. But it's not happening. ...


Case Study: Mikael Syding - How did the European hedge fund manager of the decade build a popular blog?


Mikael Syding is a crazy guy. He was the European hedge fund manager of the decade. Now he's turned his efforts to writing a popular self-improvement blog based on his unique perspective from a background in "finance, technology, health, psychology, philosophy, and personal development". His list of recommended books is very interesting. His views are unique. That's a huge driver for what makes hi ...


Case Study - 'Wait But Why' : How did Tim Urban get to interview Elon Musk?


I first found out about 'Wait But Why' during a reading spree trying to learn all I could about Elon Musk. I was surprised when I found out 'Wait but Why' got to interview him AND wrote a whole ebook about it. Actually let me get that straight (for Tim Urban's benefit), Elon Musk's rep called and asked Tim if he was interested in writing about Elon Musk! Reading the whole series of posts kept me u ...


Case Study 'Mark Manson' - Do you want to be a bestselling author, blogger and internet entrepreneur?


I have heard of Mark Manson numerous times from various sources. A few years ago I saw his book or work on amazon and other places online. Around the same time, my colleague from office had mentioned reading a book called "Models: Attract Women through honesty" as it helped him find a GF. I never really bothered about looking into this guy. Recently, I once again stumbled across this guy reading ...