How does a dietitian build a blogging business?


You’ve worked really hard on keeping your skills up to date. You know your skills and knowledge have value. You know you can help people. But you just can’t seem to find a way to connect with enough of those clients who could really benefit from it. Understanding and using the Client’s Journey could be the key to changing all of that. Today I’m going to look at a gre ...


Sticking to your strategy can be deadly


WRITTEN BY ROY OSINGIt is very easy to get into the relaxing position of staying the current course of your business."Things are going well, so why should we change?" is a question that is often asked by business people when proposed changes are on the table.There is a considerable temptation to continue to manage organizational affairs with the assumption that what got you here will get yo ...


Who are we?


We're turning our side project into a full time business.And we're sharing what we learn with you. There's so many business and entrepreneurial blogs out there, it's difficult to choose which ones to sign up for. Which ones would actually help us achieve our goal of 1000 key customers who love what we do? We had that same problem. Who really needs another list of 10 things to improve productivity ...


How to run a startup using a proper system


Before I explain the mechanics of how to create an effective working system to run a startup, do any of the following questions resonate with you?   1. You feel you are a bit disorganised, well extremely disorganised and need to have a more structured way of working?2. You think your goals are not aligned and you seem to work on something at the spur of the moment?3. You don’t even know what y ...


8 ways to put marketing on steroids


WRITTEN BY ROY OSING There are organizations that are really good at marketing who they are and what value they create. They have marketing muscle.There are others, on the other hand, who struggle to get their message across and are not contenders.Building marketing muscle isn't just the job of the marketing department; the entire organization must take on the responsibility and work in harmo ...


Your customers will love you if you take these 3 steps


WRITTEN BY ROY OSING Satisfying your customers isn’t good enough in today’s competitive markets. Meeting their needs falls short of earning their loyalty. You need to dazzle them; leave them “breathless” whenever they touch your organization.Here are three steps leaders can take:1. Hire human-being lovers – people who have an innate desire to serve their fellow human beings. ...


Successful business people do 10 things brilliantly


WRITTEN BY ROY OSINGSuccessful business people:1. Understand that the way to serve customers in an exemplary way is to serve employees in the same manner. If dazzling service doesn't happen on the inside it's unlikely to happen on the outside. 2. Have a strategic game plan for their organization and use it as THE context for all tactical activity. Chasing tactics that don't have direct line o ...


Why would a healthcare professional/executive start a blog?


WRITTEN BY BILL BROWN"Bill Brown's writing is different from any 'professional' out there. This is the first sentence in his 'About Me' page: The profession of pharmacy specifically, and the healthcare system in general, are rife with hypocrisy. He's straightforward and tells you exactly he thinks. It's refreshing, and he has years of experience in healthcare as a professional and executive to bac ...


How to do a 2016 reflection that is actually useful


I recently watched a Crowdcast from Jason Shen's "Take 2017 by the Horns" (Crowdcast is a really good software by the way, check it out if you need something for live streaming to a select audience. No affiliations with them). The most actionable takeaway was his system for doing 2016 reflection.  His system is more holistic and ties in with what you need to do this year. Yearly resolutions don't ...


The chronic disease I have. 9 ways to find your self Bullshitting PART-1


I have a confession to make. A really bad confession. It is a disease, and it is very contagious. I have been hiding it all my life, the worst part, you too might be infected by it. I recently have just reached a milestone in my age, spending the majority of my life learning, studying, working, improving myself, mastering skills. I have dealt with this disease on few occasions when life crisis hi ...