If you want to be successful, resist the urge to run with the herd


Written by Roy Osing Fuelled by the Internet and technological innovation, competition in every sector is intensifying with blazing speed.You would think that in the face of relentless competitive pressure, organizations would get more proficient at carving out a differentiated position in their market, creating a value proposition that is crystal clear and unique. But it's not happening. ...


Case Study: Mikael Syding - How did the European hedge fund manager of the decade build a popular blog?


Mikael Syding is a crazy guy. He was the European hedge fund manager of the decade. Now he's turned his efforts to writing a popular self-improvement blog based on his unique perspective from a background in "finance, technology, health, psychology, philosophy, and personal development". His list of recommended books is very interesting. His views are unique. That's a huge driver for what makes hi ...


Case Study - 'Wait But Why' : How did Tim Urban get to interview Elon Musk?


I first found out about 'Wait But Why' during a reading spree trying to learn all I could about Elon Musk. I was surprised when I found out 'Wait but Why' got to interview him AND wrote a whole ebook about it. Actually let me get that straight (for Tim Urban's benefit), Elon Musk's rep called and asked Tim if he was interested in writing about Elon Musk! Reading the whole series of posts kept me u ...


Case Study 'Mark Manson' - Do you want to be a bestselling author, blogger and internet entrepreneur?


I have heard of Mark Manson numerous times from various sources. A few years ago I saw his book or work on amazon and other places online. Around the same time, my colleague from office had mentioned reading a book called "Models: Attract Women through honesty" as it helped him find a GF. I never really bothered about looking into this guy. Recently, I once again stumbled across this guy reading ...


Case Study 'Blacksburgbelle' - I am struggling to start a creative online business? Where should I start?


In this case study, we are going to study www.blacksburgbelle.com .  I came to know of her blog through  creativelive.com. Creativelive has some amazing video tutorials on various subjects. The teachers are very knowledgeable. So after scanning through the site and seeing what tutorials might interest me, "building a successful creative blog with April bowles-olin" caught my attention. Immediate ...


Case Study 'Wpcurve' - Does your blog have these 5 key elements?


Are you struggling to get traffic, gain a fan following and make conversions? Many of us bloggers want to blog, but some fail to get traffic or get a following or maybe even fail to blog at all.  I want to breakdown a few successful blogs and see what makes them successful. In this article, I will be breaking down www.wpcurve.com/blog  as I have been following them for a while now. They have a ...


Blog Review: Ed Latimore's Mind and Fist


This is his opening header: "My name is Ed Latimore. I'm a writer, physicist, and a professional heavyweight boxer from the steel city."That is one of the most compelling headers I've ever seen on a blog. Why does it work so well? Because you don't expect someone to be able to do all three. This juxtaposition automatically makes him seem like a very inte ...


Antninja Talks


Unfiltered talks with real entrepreneurs. Roy OsingRoy Osing (@royosing) a former President and CMO with over 33 years of leadership experience covering all the major business functions including business strategy, marketing, sales, customer service and people development. He is a blogger, content marketer, educator, coach, adviser and the author of the book series Be Different or Be Dead. ...


Six tips to escape your small business from dying early


By Roy OsingStarting a company is no walk in the park. Entrepreneurs and small business owners will tell you growing a business requires dedication, hard work and strategic planning to succeed. A recent Industry Canada studyconcluded that 30 per cent of small businesses won’t survive longer than two years, and only half make it to five years. While daunting for some, this doesn’t have to ...


Skill Stacking Books


"What's the one good advice you get from the rich and powerful?"Read great books.That's it. The article doesn't need to be longer than that. The trouble lies in identifying great books and avoid reading crap.We've done the "Read a book a week for One Year" challenges. We've read books of vastly different genres, from 19th century French literature to linux programming textbooks. So we've read enou ...