Anthony Shivakumar
29 Jun 2016

BETM Party - Dan lok : What i learned

Things i got from Dan Lok's interview:

When you speak go with the intention of:
Nothing to hide
Nothing to protect
Nothing to prove

When you start a business:
1. Add value
2. Always go for a win -win
3. Have an healthy ignorance. - Ignorance is bliss. - Be DUMB. Dont be smart. 

How to have a mindset for business:
You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with
Your environment is more powerful than your will power
If you want to take risk, hang out with risk takers

There are generally 4 stages to life:
1. survival
2. security
3. success
4. significance - leaving a legacy 

You cant skip a stage to get to the next. You wont survive in the upper stage properly. Do things from a place of abundance. 

When partnering with people, what to look for:
1. Integrity
2. Share the same value
3. Share the same vision

How do you invest in a company:
1.A product where there are cutomers - Are actively looking for solution - little competition, not much
2. Do they perceive they have options

3 types of companies:
Me too
Me better
Me only - I am the only company that does this

Whats the difference between a TM speaker and a professional speaker:

What?? Does not get you paid - body language, vocal tonality, etc
Who ?? Who you are ? What you position yourself to be, will get you paid. Eventually your what too will improve.

Most people are not comfortable with success.

Great interview. Got a lot of insights into a business tycoons mindset. 

One thing with good speakers is they always have a personal story. Every one of the above points have come from his personal story. Even the act of coming to metro-speakers and arranging the tables. A simple act of showing his dedication to get good at speaking paints a nice picture in the minds of the audience. Its relatable. 



Alex Ho
Jul 02, 2016
Nice notes. You make an awesome secretary!! :D
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