Anthony Shivakumar
24 Aug 2016

What I learnt in Conquering Humorous & TT Contests

This inter-active Workshop, was created to motivate us to participate in the upcoming competitin.
  • How to develop your sense of humor
  • How to think, write and speak funny
  • How to entertain and engage
  • How to speak impromptu & nail Table Topics questions
  • How to excel at Contests
  • How to use the Judge’s Guide & Ballot
Create More Humor by Crushing Expectations" - Stefano Cossalter

1. Crush Expectations -
2. Story -  He talked about his grandma. He started imitating her, how she would call and criticize  him which got a good laugh from the audience  
3. Use people in the audience for jokes: ask the person before you poke fun at them. Also use somebody well known - because it is unexpected
4. Self deprecating humor: Gave an example of how he only smokes pot.
5. Expectation and Reality: make it real   (not sure if i got the meaning of this point right)
6. Put your self in a situation which is bad and let it get worse and even worse and it will get even more hilarious. 

Practice 1000 times 
Time your speech when practicing
Cut it down; make your speech short

Crafting your winning humorous speech & understanding the judges guide & ballot" - Darren Frew, DTM
1. Follow the judging criteria when preparing a speech
2. Start with something funny to you - Toughest audience is your club -they know you
3. Dont do weird things. You can be funny by having a balance between
Personal story < -> Misconception Cliche
4. Use props if necessary -> One contestant can with a bag pack to describe their humor
5. Share your personal views. Its your personal story



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