Newvick Lee
25 Aug 2016

What I learned about giving a pitch

Today Anthony and I presented BETM Projects for the very first time to BETM members.

We think it went horribly. But we received valuable feedback on giving a pitch.

Although we thought we were relatively experienced speakers, we made the classic beginner's mistake of presenting the features of the product, rather than the benefits.

The whole presentation was merely about the features of the product.

We learned that we needed to add in a few more aspects to convince people to use our product:

1) How will this benefit them?
2) How is this different? Why should they use our product rather than something else like wordpress?
3) What is our goal?

1) How will this benefit them? We only mentioned how this product could be used for anyone to move from idea to reality. But we could've showed this by telling the story of the origins of BETM project. Then we could've moved onto narrating the possibility of another member's product idea going through the same process, from idea to reality.

2) How is this different? We didn't state this at all. The most obvious comparison is to something like wordpress. Although we answered it briefly in the Q&A period, we could've made a more detailed argument to show exactly why our product is more suitable for the members.

3) What is our goal? We could've asked people to use it and  passed around sign up sheets.

Although the speech didn't go well, we learned valuable lessons for next time.



Aug 28, 2016 External
Yes I agree!
Aug 27, 2016 External
yes!! definitely something to learn from our mistakes
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