Anthony Shivakumar
09 Nov 2016

Day 2 - Brainstorming on ideas to make things work

The aggression I need to get things done and make things work is still not quite at par. My productivity would have to reach an all new high, my thinking needs to be extremely focused and the speed at which I test and implement my ideas would need to be done in a day or two.  

How can I improve on my productivity?
1. I plan to stop using my cellphone during the day. The constant need to look through messages and reply is a total waste of time and mind resources. I plan to keep my thoughts clear and focus on different ideas and making those ideas work.

2. Eating really well - I need to fuel my body with energy and an healthy diet. I plan to not eat outside for this whole month. Breakfast will be bread and eggs, lunch rice and soup and dinner fish and nan. I will continue to have my coffee-mixed protein milk shake to fuel in some proteins.

3. Doing exercise - I tend to go to the gym during my full time work hours to keep my body in check. I will continue to do this for 5 days a week. Also if I feel my brain needs a break or I am not able to think clearly, I will start to take brisk walks.

4. Speed of implementation - When i get an idea, I do not want it to linger in my head for no more than a few hours. I need to get it onto a piece of paper and start prototyping the idea instantly. What can be done in 5-10 minutes should be done in 5-10 minutes. Everything that is set out to be done for the day, should be done for the day. If I find my self slacking off, I need to remind my self of the gun to my head.    

5.Sleep- I will be sacrificing a bit on sleep to get more work done during my awake hours. Writing this blog at 5 in the morning. Will it make me productive? If I need to get this platform off the ground, I cannot think of sleep, I need to think of how much work can I get done so that we are one step closer to making this business work. 

6. Expand my network - I plan to attend my local BNI to build on my local network. This way we can see the needs of our local market and build on our network. 

7. Writing my journal - Yesterday, I set out on writing a blog a day for the next 30 days to find ways to get our service running. I will start my day with writing a blog. This may help kickstart my mind into a flow state. 

8. Reading and learning - Fueling my mind by reading book either on sales, marketing, copy-writing, computer algorithms and implementing those concepts asap.   

What is the next plan?
I ended day 1 in doing a few things, 1 - fixing a major bug on this platform. 2. getting our juntos mastermind blog up and researching and reading through algorithms to test an idea. Today is video recording day. We will head out to the Vancouver Public Library to record our sales pitch to explain our service in detail. 

I need to also clean up some code on the antsand editor and add more functionality to give the user a rich experience when they start typing. I also would need to get a blog up for our local club. Will need to make some phone calls. I also need to read and test a new algorithm I am learning. This is what needs to be done by today.

What is my action plan to gain traction and finding customers? 
I mentioned above I would need to expand on my network, go to a local BNI meeting and see if there is a market for what we do. We would need to reach out to potential clients through email, direct mail, advertisements, word of mouth, etc. We need to put our name out there. We also need to get testimony from our users to build trust. Our service landing page needs to be updated to reflect our credibility, trust and results. How do we do this? I plan to study a few marketers, and implement their concepts.

If you have any better ways of being more productive, or have cooler ways to build a network and find customers let me know.  



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