Anthony Shivakumar
09 Nov 2016

Day 3 - What can I learn from the U.S Election

Yesterday was the U.S election and for the very 1st time in my life I paid close attention to the results. Donald Trump, a business man won. How and Why? What can I learn from him that we can apply to business and anything else in life. 

Attention - If we look at his behavior and speech, he had a lot of emotional provoking speeches that is very similar in marketing as 'click baits' . This catches the "Attention" of the people. In today's fast paced world where the average humans attention span in probably 10 Nano seconds,  grabbing ones attention is critical. By using emotionally toxic words from religion to specific nationality and clearly being "politically incorrect" or not caring what the media or people think as long as it sparks some form of emotion it will grab the peoples attention. Also giving names to his opponents, Liar Ted, Nasty Women, will grab the people attention. Other, attention grabbing phrases fromTrump
"Lets make America great Again"
"Lets build a wall"

Your problem: You are not safe? We are doing worse than ever? You do not have jobs? The economy is going down the drain? He addressed the problem personally.This will relate to most of the population who are struggling to find jobs and make a living. They are not going to care about anything else as long as they get a job and the tax is low. Keep the problem personal. 

Our Solution: We need to get "xyz" nationality and religion out of our country, "kill all the abc's families" so that you are safer. Build a wall so that we wont have outside people coming in. Does it make logical sense. Yes it does. Anyone can build a wall. Is it practical? Who cares. People can relate to simple concepts and easy to understand solutions whether it is practical or not.  

Proof: I have done this in business and I know how to do it. Being a president is exactly like any other business and I know it all.

Call to action: Vote if you "Want to make america great again" 

All of this, I can type about trump even though I might have spent less than 4 hours of my life in total paying attention to the U.S election. On the other hand, I do not even know what to write about Hilary except, she is an opponent to Trumps campaign. I clearly am very ignorant when it comes to politics and I would assumes so is most people. Grab my attention give me a problem and solution that I can follow and understand and I will relate to you. This concept works everywhere. This is marketing 101.

Having said that, today is day 3 of challenge. What was my call of action yesterday and what I need to do today?
 I am a bit behind on making things work. 
1. We recorded the script for our "explainer video" at the Vancouver public library and that is pretty much what i did yesterday.

What do I need to do today? 
1. I need to fix and add more features to our editor.
2. submit the voice over to a freelancer in fiverr to get our ex-plainer video up. 
3. Get the mastermind blog up and running for our club. I need to get this done soon. 

In the mean while I will need to prototype on all the new ideas that I have been thinking about. This will be my challenge for tomorrow. 

What can I learn from this challenge?
1. Having a very strong system in place is critical. Yesterdays post, I spoke on the need for being productive. If I follow it to the letter I will be able to utilize my energy and time with extreme efficiency. 
2. Clear your mental clutter. This can be done if you feel a very strong sense of pain, guilt, anger and you need to find a great solution to solve your problem. 
3. Consistency, persistent, holding my frame of mind will help me finish everything that I set out to do as soon as possible, I can get a lot done so much quicker.

What can you learn from a 30 day challenge? Have you done anything where you needed to accomplish a goal in 30 days or less? And how would you stick to it with the same intensity as when you started it? 



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