Ted Chen
05 Sep 2016

Train. Hole. Blasting Obstacles.

I always felt like I needed to be pushed.

Not a slight push on the back.

Not a firm kick to the shoulders.

A 8000 tonnes cargo train ramming at unstoppable speeds towards me.

That might get me to go 1 inch further. 
Probably not even.

I constantly sift through online resources on helping me get more motivation. I read from the treasure cove of internet blogs, with titles of "33 Ways on Getting Fired Up", "9 Strategies of Having Super Human Motivation", and of course my personal favorite "Read This and You Will Have Motivation Coming Out of All of Your Holes". 

However, they just don't help me to progress further.

I feel sad. 

Am I subject to just being able to move less than 1 inch at a time?



But what if I'm thinking of it in the wrong way?
What if I just need to look in the other direction?
What if motivation is not my problem, but my obstacles instead?

With no matter how high of a motivation you have behind you, sometimes it just won't go through. No matter how hard you ram it.

Maybe all this time, I have been ramming my 8000 tonnes cargo train into a piece of metal that is the size of Venus. No wonder my hard steel train couldn't break the virgin boundary.

I think instead of focusing on getting more load into my motivation train, I should be concentrating on blasting the impregnable Venus into smaller, more vulnerable parts for me to ram through.

Yes. I think by wrecking my obstacles into such small fine rubble, I should have no problem to easily pulverize each single piece and get the job done.

Blast your large obstacles into smaller ones, then you won't need to have motivation coming out of all of your holes. Well, if you want to suffocate on motivation, that is fine with me too.



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