Newvick Lee
28 Nov 2016

Blog Review: Ed Latimore's Mind and Fist

This is his opening header: "My name is Ed Latimore. I'm a writer, physicist, and a professional heavyweight boxer from the steel city."

That is one of the most compelling headers I've ever seen on a blog. Why does it work so well? Because you don't expect someone to be able to do all three. This juxtaposition automatically makes him seem like a very interesting person.

Lesson #1: When people first come onto your site, have a compelling reason for them to stay.
On Latimore's blog, he created an image based on placing three different careers together which automatically catches people's attention.

When you start scrolling down to his writing, the writing stands out. What do I mean? The design of his blog seems to be catered towards emphasizing the content. There's lots of white space, the headers are bold and large, the sidebar isn't too distracting, and the subscription forms are aesthetically pleasant. Some people say design doesn't matter and they bring up the example of reddit. And then I bring up the counterexample - reddit on mobile is very aesthetically pleasing.

Lesson #2: Use a blog design that emphasizes the writing.

His blog is clearly about self-improvement and self-discipline. There's thousands, maybe even millions, of these blogs out there. But why is his writing interesting? How did he build a twitter following of over 5000 people with Naval Raivakant retweeting him from time to time? It doesn't matter that he's the 10,000th blogger writing on self-improvement.

His blog is different because he's different.

He only talks about what he's experienced, and what's worked for him. That level of genuineness shows so clearly through his writing. There's no way around it. What does this mean for bloggers trying to start out?

- "It doesn’t matter what the theme of your twitter account is. There are huge accounts for every group and interest."
- "Whatever you decide your theme is, you have to live it. Even if you’re anonymous, it will come through in your tweets that you “‘bout that life.” Authenticity is attractive and powerful because, by definition, it is impossible to fake. "

Lesson #3: Live the theme of your blog.

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