Anthony Shivakumar
04 Dec 2016

Case Study 'Mark Manson' - Do you want to be a bestselling author, blogger and internet entrepreneur?

I have heard of Mark Manson numerous times from various sources. A few years ago I saw his book or work on amazon and other places online. Around the same time, my colleague from office had mentioned reading a book called "Models: Attract Women through honesty" as it helped him find a GF. I never really bothered about looking into this guy. Recently, I once again stumbled across this guy reading a blog post on . It almost seemed that GOD has been trying to tell me "look at this guys work, FOOL" . Before I get a lightning bolt striking up my a**, it is now the time that I actually start to study his work.

I started to read through few of his blog post last night to get a feel of who are his target audience and who would actually buy his products. His articles are filled with stories, strong opinions, a lot of preaching. To understand what makes this guy successful, let us break his blog down using the ANTSAND method. 


As soon as you go into the Mark Manson website, you will be greeted with his bio. Everything about his landing page is "Attention grabbing". HI. I'M MARK. From his bio, you get the idea he does not give a f**k whether you will like him or not but wants you to give it a try. 
 When you click his articles page you are redirected to his archives. From the way he has categorised his articles, you get a good idea what his blog is all about. You want your users to navigate through your site with ease. Do not keep them guessing especially if they do not know you. You want to make things simple and great blogs have that. Mark understands this, and he has made his blog easy to navigate. 

What I conclude from his blog, he seems to be an expert in giving Dating and Relationship advice, making life choices (soul searching advice), psychology and culture. He articles seem to cater to the "self-development" audience. I can certainly conclude all of this without thinking much because he has displayed all of this info on his site. This is how you can grab your audience attention. "Keep things simple" .    

Let's dive into one of his blogs. You are greeted with a picture that takes the space of your screen with the article title superimposed over the image. Does not this catch your attention ??? Everything about the Mark Manson site is designed to catch your attention. 

More attention-grabbing lines. Everything about Marc is to grab your attention. He is now trying to paint a picture on your mind. "Imagine  this: there's a machine that can download ... ". Any storyteller has one great attribute. Painting the picture. It can be abstract or real but playing with the readers imagination is nothing but grabbing their attention. This seems to be Marc's forte. 

Lessons Learned:
  1. Being Obnoxious and empathetic: As soon as you enter his site, he has his name big and bold. He brags a bit about himself and sets the rhythm for what follows. After which he gives you the option to try his site and make your own opinion as some like him some do not. 
  2. Keep things simple: Every successful blogger does 1 thing very well. They know how to help their audience navigate through their site. 
  3. Using big beautiful pictures: All of Marks blog starts with a big capturing picture with the blog title imposed over it. 
  4. Do whatever it takes to grab your readers attention. 
  5. Paint abstract or real vivid picture with impeccable details in your reader's mind: Playing with your reader's imagination is nothing short of attention grabbing. Think "Harry Potter". People love to be taken on an adventurous journey using their own imagination. Mark bask's his success with this skill. 

Problem definition & Attainable Solution:

The way Marc writes his blog I had to combine these 2 elements into one. 

What problem is he trying to solve for his readers? He has expertise in self-development like soul searching, relationship, making you self a better person. This industry is worth billions and he is just tapping and taking a bit of that market share. People have a problem with themselves and he wants to provide a solution to their pain points. Let's see how he describes the pain points.  If you read his articles, there is no real pain point he is directly addressing. It's more like his views on life and if you like to read it, read it, if not, thanks for visiting. A problem can sometimes just be you have readers that are bored, and would like to read any opinion. If you are writing opinions and random thoughts in your mind, then let see how mark does his job right. 

Mark is a great storyteller. There is no definite problem he is trying to solve here. He is just giving us his opinions. All this does is make him just as any human. We all have opinions and would like to share it. He just does a much better job sharing his opinion than others.    

Proof & Credibility:

This is again where Marc triumph. He has written bestseller books, been featured on CNN, TIME, New your times, etc. This all adds credibility.  Not to mention he has been writing articles since 2010. All successful bloggers are very consistent. Being consistent in writing good blog posts, builds your credibility. Mark knows this more than anyone else, and what every he does is to make him a credible source for answers in his reader's mind.   

Call  to Action:

At the end of the day, your blog is supposed to make money. If it is not, you do not have a successful blog. Everything about Marc's blog is Attention grabbing, building credibility and call to action. At the end of every blog, there is a call to action to subscribe for a small fee of 4$/mo. 


Not to mention, his blogs are very clean. There are no sidebars. But, he does have something very interesting about his site. This is something I have not seen many blogs have. Have an audio narration of your blog post and further to build on additional engagement with your audience have a commentary link. Know what is happening behind the scene when he is writing a blog post. Without a doubt, Marc puts in a lot of efforts when he writes his blog. He delivers way more than most blogs would.  

Other products of his are his books and courses. Everything his blog does is to build his credibility and have a funnel to sell his products. 

He not only has books to sell but online courses. He really has put in a lot of effort to create all of this. There is enough call to action for his readers, and they offcoruse can start with paying a 4/mo fee to subscribe to his work. Since he over delivers, you know as a customer you will not be disappointed.


There is a TONN a lot to learn from Marc's blog. Every blog of his has an audio narration, has a commentary part, very engaging articles and all Attention grabbing from start to finish. It is a clean website with no fluff and plenty of call to action. Look at his range of products, starting from 4/mo monthly subscription to get more advanced features of his blog, to selling books and courses. WANT TO KNOW OF A BLOG THAT OVER DELIVERS VALUE, MARC MANSON IS THE KING OF IT. There are a few nuggets from his blog that we at ANTNINJA can incorporate. 



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