Anthony Shivakumar
30 Dec 2016

The chronic disease I have. 9 ways to find your self Bullshitting PART-1

I have a confession to make. A really bad confession. It is a disease, and it is very contagious. I have been hiding it all my life, the worst part, you too might be infected by it. 

I recently have just reached a milestone in my age, spending the majority of my life learning, studying, working, improving myself, mastering skills. I have dealt with this disease on few occasions when life crisis hits you hard and you find a cure. This disease hits you back even harder when things get "normal". According to Neil Fiore in his book "The Now Habit", he calls it "Procrastination".  

I call it BULLSHIT!!!! 

It is extremely debilitating. It obliterates your focus into chunks of small shit talks "not important ", "not now", "let's do it later",  "it won't work", "I am stupid", "others are talented and gifted, I am not", "talent is everything", "it was not meant to be me", "this is not my passion", "I need to do some soul searching" which accumulates to nothing but the BULLSHIT disease. 

 The ultimate cure mindset 

"It is your life. Not your mum's not your dad's not your environment. It is YOUR's. You want it, you grab it. You write the epic script. Anything less, it is the BULLSHIT disease"

As quoted by Shakespeare "All the world is a stage". You are the actor. What do you want your script to be? 
Comedy ?
Drama ?
Heartbreaking ? 
Epic action / adventure?
All of the above ...

We all have dreams and we all must have them. What separates the dream in your mind to making it a reality is the essence of this post.

"Deep within man dwell those slumbering powers, powers that would astonish him, that he never dreamed of possessing; forces that would revolutionise his life if aroused and put into action - Orison Swett Marden"  


It is Your life, you choose your role and Play to win! Anything less, playing to not loose is BULLSHIT! Never in the history of time have we been so lucky. In this day and age of the internet, the world keeps getting smaller and smaller. You have access to the world's best and groundbreaking information at your finger tip. If you do not act upon it, play the rules that make you a champ, don't blame someone else for your infection of the BULLSHIT disease.

But where does the bullshit disease crop up?  Why do we even have it? 
From Tony Robbins, "Awakening the giant within" to create a lasting improvement in the quality of your life, you must master:
1. Your Emotions
2. Your physical state
3. Personal and professional relationship
4. Finances
5. Time

These are the 5 domains where you need to master your life in. As mentioned in the book "No Excuses by Brian Tracy", To improve the quality of your life, raise your standards. Change the could, would, should to MUST.  Sooner or later, almost everyone comes to the realisation life is not a dress rehearsal for something better. To be successful and above average, you have to seize the initiative and make good things happen in your life and career, and that will only be possible if you have self-discipline. In a very practical way, self-discipline is the key which unlocks every other door of success. You have to stop making excuses and develop self-discipline to move ahead in life and ultimately to excel.   

"Self-discipline is the ability to do what you should do when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not - Elbert Hubbard"

To get good at anything, it is up to you to implement the proven, logical formula: From Timothy Marc's blog

1. DEFINE what it is you really want while you are here on this planet
2. GET a good, proven plan and help (from an EXPERT)
3. EXECUTE the plan whilst

The list where the BULLSHIT disease takes control. Read with caution. It is provocative, disturbing, can make you feel insanely sick and truth be told you are suffering from it without you knowing it.   
1. I feel like working but let's watch some youtube, twitter post, and WWE

The ultimate of BULLSHIT!!! You want to get something done, but your brain tricks you into believing you have all the time in the world. You get up at 6 in the morning to get some work done. Reality speaks differently. 1st thing you do is open your laptop, check irrelevant messages, watch WWE at 6 in the morning, reading some stupid bullshit news of how Trump won the presidency. Which adds ZERO value to your life. Soon you realise 2 hours has passed by and it is now 8. Screw working on my project, time to take a shower, masturbate and get to work. 


What is the cure!!! You want to think of curing this disease by setting a false time constraint. "IN 2 WEEKS IF YOU DO NOT GET THINGS DONE! YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WILL BE DEAD" Creating a sense of urgency, will help to work with ruthless tenacity and focus. AVOIDING PAIN IS MORE PAINFUL THAT ATTAINING PLEASURE.  Work on what needs to be done, not what you want to do. Which bring me to my 2nd BULLSHIT 

2. Not in a mood, I'll do this tomorrow

You will never be in the mood to do anything that needs to be done. Time and time again, You sit in front of the computer thinking you are going to program this feature or blog on something interesting. Soon you find yourself doing something irrelevant. You end up going to your kitchen because you start to feel extremely hungry all of a sudden, try to cook an epic meal like Marco Pierre White, which ends up like crap. After you finish you then end up watching youtube videos on how Marco Pierre white cooks. Back to bullshit 1.  Or you think you need to read a book because you feel like it. Walk to your bookshelf, pick a book on "7 habits of highly effective people". You think it is helping you. Total bullshit. You do not need that now, you need to get work done. 


Focus on priorities. The top of your priority should be the 1st thing that needs to be done uninterrupted. Never substitute a high priority task with something that is a lower priority task and worse not even on your priority list. 

3. This project seems pretty cool. Let's do it!

If selling an underwear filled with sand sells, fuck you are going to start making sandy underwear. You dream about how epic your idea is, how everyone will love it. You keep dreaming and masturbating over your idea. Till you do not have a customer to use your product, your idea is just plain BULLSHIT. Go, build a prototype, make sure it has basic functionality, "Minimum Viable Product" as mentioned in the Lean startup. 

Here is a plan that works - Find what the market wants, tweak your product till you fit the market needs, build, test, learn, repeat. Once the product works, automate it. Do not defy the rule. Play the rules, you will win.

Be honest with yourself. Do a reality check. Is this what the market wants, or is this what you want? Ray Dalio, one of the richest man on earth, leaving behind his amazing legacy "Principles" harness this rule. Go check it out now.  

4.  Working on your brilliant idea instead of shipping and launching

No one cares a fuck about your product or your idea. If you have something in your mind, build it as soon as possible and test it. The ability to make the invisible a reality is a very powerful skill. Requires tremendous discipline, focus and the ability to take massive action. Anything short of this is pure BULLSHIT.  Back in the day, I was working with a friend of mine on making a clothing recognition app. IT definitely was a great idea but somehow we never got it to work. We worked night and day to get it working, some of our algorithms were functional, but we were very secretive as if the FBI will kill us if they knew about it. Somehow, I did not feel good about it and we eventually gave up. Launching a product is scary, but it has to be done. Customers can give a lot of feedback, accordingly, we could make it fit the market. That is the past. Learn and do not repeat.

It is ok if the 1st version of your product is not rich in features. The job is to 1st see if the market will accept it, then spend time on additional features. Launch your product to the market fast as possible. Anything short of launching as soon as possible is BULLSHIT. The highest priority for a startup, LAUNCH!!!

5. Coming up with ideas, telling other to do it, but not implementing them yourself 

It is easy to preach. We all like to preach. We all like to share ideas. But one thing is for sure. If you do not walk the talk, BULLSHIT!!! Every morning you come up with bazillion ideas. You keep brainstorming with your team. At the end of the day, it is your duty to test it out as soon as possible. Be it in writing a type of blog post, interviewing people, working on the backend features of your app or business. You have to get dirty and make your ideas a reality. Once it is out there, it is easy to preach and ask for opinions, feedbacks and everything else. Do not expect someone else to work on your idea, without you drafting a working prototype of it 1st. Get into the habit of thinking and making, rather than thinking and masturbating. 

6. Using social media to be pretentious rather than giving value

Most of the information on social media are insecure people posting things online to be pretentious. Basically trying to show off that their life is really great. Looking at that, you can unnecessarily feel jealous, believe your life sucks in comparison and basically get into a downward spiral of low esteem. This is the job of social media. There is only one solution. STOP USING SOCIAL MEDIA. Social media is designed to keep you addicted. Their job is not to make you be productive or make you grow, it is designed to satisfy your boredom, fill your mind with unnecessary information and make you feel bad about yourself.  

Social media will alter your brain. Most likely in a bad way rather than a good way. It is the best way to solve your boredom. BULLSHIT. Stop letting it use you, consume you and alter your thinking. Use social media the way it is supposed to be used. SPREADING VALUE. DO Not use it to be pretentious. Use it only to share REAL VALUE. Anything short of that is BULLSHIT.  Life is too short to focus on what other people are doing and what their life is all about. Focus on your life and make it an EPIC Story. You cannot make your life epic by comparing your life with some dimwit on social media. You make your life epic by taking massive amounts of action.  I  personally don't use any social media. I have a fake facebook, twitter account to get ideas when we work on Antsand or Antninja. I don't see any other use of those platforms than to study the engineering behind it.  

7. Having pathetic habits like checking your phone every 2 minutes. 

One of the biggest distraction you can have is looking at your phone every 2 minutes to see who messaged you. This is total BULLSHIT. Have control of your mind. Go for a 30-day challenge using your phone only after work or switch to an old phone that does not have modern technological capabilities. Use that old Nokia. You know if you switch it on, it will still work, and the battery will outlast your current phone. 

Every 2 minutes looking at your phone to check bullshit messages. Believe me, there is nothing on earth that is so important that you need to check your phone every 2 minutes, This is a horrible habit, and GET RID OF IT ASAP. Rather don't get rid of it, but replace it with something meaningful. As suggested in the book power of habits, getting rid of it is not ideal, but replacing it with better habits is more profound. Replace your new phone with your old phone so that you do not have access to the latest technology. Remove the sim on your phone and just use your phone as mp3 player rather. Be, creative with how you want to replace this habit.

8. I should not approach. Not the time.  
There is no better way to validate your idea, than talking to people.  In the book talking to humans, you need to build the courage to talk to strangers and get validation of your ideas. Is it easy??? Hell no. How do you practice talking to people? Just as how cold calling can be scary, pushing the scary level up a notch is cold approaching. Most people won't have the courage to do it. Talking to humans is arguably the greatest skill and resource any human can have, It is your ability to connect with people, be social, at the same time validate your idea. Approaching strangers is very very scary. But that is not an excuse, If you see someone you want to approach be it a beautiful girl or a potential customer, 3-2-1 JUST GO!! 

How do you start to build the skill talking to humans? Well, good luck, that is all I can say.  

9. Not dreaming and thinking big
There is no use having small dreams. They hold no magic whatsoever. Instead, you should dream big, aim for the top and then work hard to make your dreams happen. What you dream is what you generally end up doing so if you want to make bucket loads of money, set an audacious goal and then get out there and make it happen. From the book, Think Big and Kick Ass - Donald Trump, these are his 10 Formula for ultimate block-buster success. 

It is what`s in your head that ultimately ends up determining what's in your hands. If you want more money, change the way you think. That will automatically change the way you act, which in turn will impact on the results your achieve. It all starts in the mind --successful people invariably start small and build from there. The same applies in every area of making money. 

Above all, educate yourself. develop financial intelligence. Spend time with successful people. Read books, attend seminars and learn how to make money work for you. Your life will be more rewarding and more fulfilling if you just take the time to learn and think about where you are heading. The path to financial wealth for that matter anything in life, doesn't lie in playing it safe. It`s far more important to play it smart. - From Rich Dad poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki

If you like what you have read so far, please please comment below. I would love to hear all the things that are BULLSHIT in your life and what measures you are taking to get rid of them.  


Anthony has written the above article very well, especially for the current generation where distractions, social media, advances in technology, playing computer games can all results in distractions which cause youngsters to give irrelevant excuses on how they r tired,skip work and postpone important job for the latter.
We have to live in the present moment and act upon our positive thoughts and put them into action. To be honest every human being has the ability to reach his or her maximum potential and all are good in a particular skill. We are all good in something but we have to tap on the right note in order to compose and listen to a lovely music. Similarly we have to tap the right attitude, positive mind and right mentors in order to be successful.Never compare yourself with somebody richer and with more money.Just like our five fingers all are diff and unique.Every human is unique from the other.We have to realise what is our success formulae and def get there.Focus on the present and keep mind clear and simple to be successful.
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