Anthony Shivakumar
20 Sep 2016

Dustin Hogan: The Power of Passion - written by Thad Rodrigues

As anentrepreneur, the ultimate achievement is to do something you love and earn asubstantial living from it while making an impact in the world.


On September7th Burnaby Entrepreneurs Toastmasters had the pleasure of hosting aspecial guest speaker, Dustin Hoganwho delivered the first part of his workshop, "The Power of Passion".


Dustin Hoganis the Founder of The Rock Star Academy.A business building system designed to assist passion-seekers and dreamersrealize their full potential by creating a life and a business around theirpassion. Over the years, Dustin has been on stage in front of crowds as largeas 2,000 people and he loves helping others take their passion to the nextlevel and become profitable entrepreneurs.


Dustincaptivated a room full of entrepreneurially focused Toastmasters and sharedwith us his successes, failures and lowest points in this life, to share hisreal life experience about passion.  


So what didwe really learn from this from Dustin’s story?


Learning From Mistakes &Challenges

Dustin tookus on a journey from a good time in his life when he worked on a part timebasis as a landscaper for a few years and raked in a good $400,000 to a momentof despair losing $100,000 dollars at the young age of 26 in the real estatemarket in Alberta. Did this stop Dustin? Obviously not, he picked from where hehad fallen and learnt from his mistakes and challenges. The faster we fall, thefaster we learn, the faster you stand up again, the faster you will succeed. Itsone thing to listen to the preacher and another to live these moments broughtto life in Dustin’s enthralling speech.


Taking Advantage of Career Diversity& Skillsets

Dustin had aneducation background in hospitality management and music production, two fieldsfrom opposite ends of the spectrum. Did this stop him from achieving his dream?The diversity only added to his strengths, drawing the creative from the musicproduction realm and the systematic thinking from the hospitality industry,laying the foundation for his path to success. Often we don’t embrace ourdiversity and in not doing so, we miss out on the possibilities we can createfor ourselves.

The Biggest Challenges Are OurBiggest Opportunities

Dustin revealed that his “Why?” is tohelp people overcome their challenges and become the best version ofthemselves. For years Dustin, struggled with anxiety, trying years on end topush past these intense feelings, eventually realizing that the biggestchallenges were his biggest opportunities to succeed. Ask yourself, when youfaced your biggest challenge and what that did that do for you as a person? Ifyou did not learn something from that experience go back and revisit thatmoment, there is a lesson to be learned.


“Inspired+Committed People = Drive”

Dustin highlighted in his speech thatworking with the inspired and committed creates drive. Could we have it anyother way? Who are you around most? Are they achieving their dreams orcomplaining about their circumstances? Do they look up to others who arego-getters and high achievers, or do they make fun of them? Successful peoplesurround themselves with successful people, capiche. They want to be aroundothers who are making things happen. They want to know their secrets andstrategies for winning.  I think whatDustin was driving at, is to surround yourself with possibility thinkers,idealists and visionaries!


Passion, The Driving Force, YourLove

Dustin raisedan interesting question, that we often ask, what is passion? Dustin described passionis something we do, losing that sense of time and work, that feeling whensomething seems tough that feeling that drives you to continue, because youlove doing something. He described passion as a feeling that comes from within,from deep down inside.


The Lowest Point & The StepForward

He further explainedto the audience that often it takes the lowest point in one’s to take a stepforward in the right direction.  WinstonChurchill once said, “If you are going through hell, keep going”. The road tosuccess is a hard one, quite often, leads us to failures that turn into lowpoints in our lives. It requires a lot of hard work, patience and courage toface challenges; things that do not come easy. Failure before success is thenorm, but the fact remains that it is simply a step towards success. Dustinexperienced that what many entrepreneurs faced years before him, failure.


Walt Disneyhad his fair share of failures. He was fired from his job in the Kansas CityStar paper because “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas”. Seriously?


BeforeHarrison Ford was Han Solo and Indiana Jones, he was a self-taught carpenter inhis 30s, struggling to take care of his family. He had small roles in TV showsbut barely enough to support his family. So he became a carpenter. Interesting.


MichaelJordan as a kid, he knew he loved basketball and wanted to make a career out ofit, but no coach would take him because he was short. In fact, he was rejectedfrom his high school’s varsity basketball team. Sorry Michael who?


StevenSpielberg is considered one of the greatest movie makers of our time who gaveus the movies like Jaws, Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan and a few more. Stevenwas rejected from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema Arts– not once but twice.


So thisexplains why Dustin described passion as the fuel to push through hard times.He further described that passion builds momentum and once momentum buildsthere is no stopping one from succeeding as you can see from Dustin himself,Walt Disney, Harrison Ford, Michael Jordan and Steven Spielberg.


Dustinwrapped up the night with his three steps to develop more passion:


1.      Take the first step towards whereyou want to go. Be consistent and keep taking those steps towards your dream

2.      Be open to possibilities; be open toexpanding upon your passion.

3.      Listen to the positive voice in the backof your head and shut out the negative voices in your head


Take yourfirst step, open your mind and let the positive inner voice guide you tosuccess.



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