Newvick Lee
28 May 2017

How do you stay organized?


So many things to do.

So many people to satisfy.

So many demands on your time.

So many distractions.

In this milieu you can stay organized only if you START organized.

These are 5 critical steps to get you going on the right track.

1. Understand the objectives you've been asked to achieve. If they are vague ask for clarification. Don't assume what they mean if you are uncertain.
Chasing unclear objectives is a waste of your precious time and energy and will prevent you from being a high performance individual. 
All it does is increase your anxiety level.

2. Determine 3 priorities that will achieve 80% of your objective. Forget the to-do list; you can't juggle 10 projects in the air and hope to accomplish anything brilliant in any one of them. 
And chasing too many projects results in a disorganized state of mind.
Organization is all about being FOCUSED  on a few things that really matter. 

3. Eliminate the activities that don't relate to your priorities. This is your to-don't list. Eliminate your "pet projects".
If they are not related to your main agenda, kill them.  Or they will kill you.

4. Don't get sucked in with "yummy incoming". Once you have set your priorities there will be new temptations that try and pull you off your course. Don't go there. Yummy will force you back into the "run around" mode and you will lose focus and the ability to accomplish your objectives.

5. Stay in touch with your the results and adjust as you go. Plans rarely turn out the way you intend. 
Track your results carefully and be prepared to modify what you are doing or completely change direction and go Plan "B" when things are not turning out the way you had intended.

If you can be calm and still in the moment when the world swirls around you; if you can maintain your focus when there are so many other possibilities to chase, you will not only be organized, you will stand apart from everyone else who continue to get wrapped up in the fury around them.

You will be noticed.

You will be successful.

Roy Osing (@royosing) is a former President and CMO with over 33 years of leadership experience covering all the major business functions including business strategy, marketing, sales, customer service and people development. He is a blogger, content marketer, educator, coach, adviser and the author of the book series Be Different or Be Dead.



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