Roy Osing
04 Sep 2017

How to accelerate your organization to the highest level

If you feel your organization is hovering above the same level of performance year after year, try these 10 breakaway actions.

They will give you new life.

1. Renew your strategy every year if you want to avoid it becoming stale. Never assume that what got you to your present point will work going forward. Environmental conditions change; an organization's strategy must as well.

2. Focus your time and attention on the 3 things that will deliver 80% of your results. The biggest impediment to progress is trying to take on too much; to chase possibilities which of course are too numerous to handle with limited resources. Be clear on the few objectives that must be achieved if real progress is to be achieved.

3. Modify your business processes to enhance the service experience for your customers. Being easier to do business with has significant payback from increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

4. Cut the crap and grunge that gets in the way of achieving progress. Let go of the old stuff that is no longer relevant in order to have sufficient resources to meet tomorrow's challenges. 

5. Put the priority on executing your plan. Don't spend all of your time on trying to get your plan perfect  --  it will never happen. Perfection doesn't exist. Get your plan just about right and apply your energy to executing it. 

6. Set cost objectives. Define the cost envelope that you can afford. Build your organization within this envelope. Cost should be an input to your organizational planning, not an output.

7. Adjust your strategy as you learn from execution. Execute  --  learn  --  adjust. A viable strategy is the result of paying attention to how well you implement it.

8. Target your current customers to achieve your sales objectives as opposed to putting all your eggs in the new customer acquisition basket. Create personal solutions for them. Give the special deals to them. If you don't keep your loyal base, there won't be a higher level to climb to.

9. Start building a culture based on creating memorable experiences for people. Lose the product flogging mentality. The secret to loyalty is surprising your customers with what they DON'T EXPECT. 

10. Sell intimate relationships, Don't flog products and services. Trust that deep relationships will spawn a healthy long term revenue stream.

A tough journey. But well worth the time, effort  --  and pain.

Roy Osing (@royosing) is a former President and CMO with over 33 years of leadership experience covering all the major business functions including business strategy, marketing, sales, customer service and people development. He is a blogger, content marketer, educator, coach, adviser and the author of the book series Be Different or Be Dead.


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