Case Study - How to make your property maintenance business thrive online in Vancouver?

Are you a business owner in Vancouver who runs a property maintenance service? Are you looking to generate more leads from your website? If you provide cleaning services, landscape or help with strata maintenance, let us look at those businesses that rank high on google. We will dissect key elements of their website, look at how they present content, their call to action, how they define pain points, then provide suggestions on how you can incorporate elements that can boost your sale.

The method we will be using to evaluate a website is based on a simple marketing formula.  

We 1st will analyze how the top websites grab our attention, how they define the problem. We will then look into how they give their solution, their credibility and finally their call to action. Analyzing a website based on these parameters should give a good overview of what makes these websites tick. 

In this article I am going to target few key services in property maintenance:
1. Window cleaning 
2. gutter cleaning
3. Pressure washing  

1. Window Cleaning: A simple google search on Window Cleaning Vancouver gives these results.  

The 1st four results are advertisements. 

The next are organic results. Out of which the 1st 3 are the ones listed on google maps. 

Clearly there is a battle between these two brand names:


If you are in the property maintenance space, it is worthwhile to learn from the companies that rank high on search. After all, they are doing something different from the rest.  
Since Men in Kilts is ranked pretty high for "Window Cleaning", let us look more into what makes it rank high.

1. Attention:  Men in Kilts grab our attention right of the bat. They wear kilts to clean windows and it kinda looks cool. They also have a very clear heading
We clean. You enjoy. You wont be confused when you visit their page. You know they clean windows with kilts. Clarity is everything and they cannot be more clearer. 

A simple photo with one of their employees cleaning, really is a great attention grabber. If you don't have a good attention grabber, perhaps you can learn from the "Men in Kilts"


2. Problem Definition: Right off the bat, they ask a question: "Looking for a professional and reliable property maintenance company in Vancouver?" . They describe the problem by asking a question. I personally feel there is still a huge scope for improvement on how they can define their problem, nevertheless as a user we know what they do. 

3. Amazing Attainable solution: How are they going to be of help to you? We know they do property maintenance, but what exactly. They provide 4 services, and if you wan to know more about it, we can click on learn more to get a feel of what they do and provide. Since we are looking for "Window Cleaning", let us click "find out more" and see what they have in store.

Right of the bat, it show that they have invested time in writing how their cleaning service can help us. They mention they clean the interior and exterior windows of your home. They then ask "Why do you need window cleaning services?" which they go on to answer clearly. 

The photo on the right, builds trust. A employee while cleaning the windows is happy,  smiling and having fun. 

The in dept content on "window cleaning" sets them apart. They are describing vividly to the user why they need to clean their window. 

4: Proof and Credibility: When you scroll down, you will see that they have testimonials and links of them in the media. It gives a good impression to potential clients that they are trustworthy. 


What also adds to their proof and credibility is that they have a detailed section about "who they are and why choose them" but also who all are part of their team.

These small elements that many take for granted are so critical to having a business work online. It builds trust.  Users can see who will be there to clean and what they are really all about. 

5: Call to Action: Once all the elements on the page are properly populated, it is now easy to use their service. You can either call them or fill a contact form. 

This is a great example of why they rank well online and if your business is not ranking well, perhaps you should look at your content and build trust by showing photos of your employee and your work and explain how you do your job vividly so people can understand your work and service.

Similarly other website which rank high:


Please comment below if you have questions, ideas or how you can apply it. At ANTSAND, we apply everything we preach and teach. What we put out is based on our experience, our failures and success. We love to be transparent, as it really brings out the best in us. 

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Written by Anthony Shivakumar
Founder, Lead Marketing and Software Developer at ANTSAND

Anthony has a Master Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He has worked in major software firms for the past 15 years and currently runs his own software and marketing company.

He continues to write articles related to marketing, programming, sales and growth hacking.


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