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Why feeble boilerplates can be disastrous

How many people go to Google to find a template to follow for something? It could be for a résumé, a business plan, a job application or a flowchart for anything.Any common requirement that can be programmed and replicated ends up in some sort of template format and made available for everyone to use.Boilerplates make it easy for the person using it (follow the format; don’t think; stay within

This is how being the same is deadly

BE DiFFERENT or be dead.The implication is that if your organization is not different, sooner or later it will be irrelevant and it will die.Sameness kills.The path to organizational death is predictable when you look like everyone else.Sales revenue decline because the value proposition of your organization is limp it has no distinctive substance and potential customers can’t figure out why th

This is why being the ONLY one easily wins

Competitive claims made by organizations today lack creativity, imagination and truth.Most differentiation statements advocated by organizations and intended to convince us involve words like “best”, “number one”, “leader”, “fastest growing”, “most” and “highest quality” to assert their distinguishable characteristics vis-a-vis their competition.The usual clap trapThese are

Why your right idea may never see the light of day

How many times have you heard someone say “right idea!” when there is an execution blip that nullifies success and an otherwise brilliant notion bites the dust.  You hear it in kids’ sports all the time, particularly soccer, where a plan to pass the ball to a mate is intercepted by an opposition player. The right intent was there but execution fell short of an awesome outcome. “Right ide

What happens when you have a frontline culture?

Fast forward — people on the frontline make you successful because strategies that work consistently well involve doing stuff for people WITH people (technology can support, but will never be the complete solution).Ok. Now the narrative.Every organization is looking for the ingredient that will give them a competitive advantage; make them standout among their competitors.Common competitive strat

Ultimate guide to a perfect SEO Campaign in Vancouver - 6 month plan to rank high and dominate

If you are in a hurry and you want to rank your business high on search organically, dominate your competition, get more leads, looking for a proven plan to help you out, this blog post is for you. If you are time bounded, have a limited budget, wiling to put in the effort for the next 6 months or more, this blog will help you strategize accordingly. If you do not want to pay for paid advertisemen


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